Mechanical Overhauls

11We are accomplished at rebuilding mechanical equipment of all types, from all manufacturers. Most commonly, we utilize API and ANSI equipment standards to govern pump repair work. You can rest assured that appropriate industry standards are being referenced to govern the repair of your specific piece of equipment.

42Turbo has been remanufacturing and repairing process rotating equipment since 1986. Though our primary focus has been on pumps, gearboxes, compressors, steam turbines and material handling; we are experts on all sorts of equipment:

• Multi-stage centrifugal feed pumps
• Rotary vane and lobe pumps
• Vertical turbine pumps
• Gear and reciprocating pumps
• Centrifugal and axial compressors
• Positive displacement compressors
• Single, double, and triple reduction gearboxes
• Single and multi-stage steam turbines
• Curtiss and rateau stage turbine rotors
• Centrifuges
• Trunions
• Valves

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